Spaces & Circuit Creative: Redefining HMO Marketing with Mitch Nunn



Project Overview:

Videography 55%
Photography 96%
Virtual Staging 94%

We at Circuit Creative have just wrapped up an exciting project with Spaces, guided by the insightful Mitch Nunn. Our goal was simple yet ambitious: to effectively market their latest HMO development using our skills in photography, videography, and a bit of creative tech.

Tackling the Empty Space Challenge

One of the main hurdles was showcasing the property before it was furnished. Our solution? Virtual staging. This meant digitally adding furniture to our photos of the empty rooms, making it easier for potential tenants to imagine living there.

Capturing the Real Feel of the Property

We didn’t just rely on virtual staging. Our team got hands-on with some top-notch photography, focusing on capturing the property’s space, design, and those little details that make a house a home. We aimed to produce images that not only show the property but also give a feel for what it’s like to live there.

Bringing the Property to Life with Video

Then there’s the video. We wanted more than just a walkthrough, so we created a showcase video. This was about giving viewers a real sense of the property, the kind of place they could see themselves in, not just a tour of empty rooms.

Working Alongside Mitch Nunn

Having Mitch Nunn on board really helped shape the project. His understanding of what people look for in an HMO guided us in creating content that would hit the mark with our target audience.

The End Result

What we’ve ended up with is a set of marketing materials that really show off the property’s potential. We’ve managed to blend practicality with a bit of creative flair, and the feedback’s been fantastic.

Why Circuit Creative?

  1. Practical and Creative: We balance creativity with a down-to-earth approach.
  2. Quality Imagery: Our photos and videos are top quality, but they also tell a story.
  3. Collaborative Work: We listen to our clients and work with their ideas.

In Short, this project with Spaces and Mitch Nunn was all about bringing an empty property to life and making it appeal to potential tenants. We think we’ve nailed it, and we’re ready to tackle more challenges like this.

Got a property you want to showcase? Drop us a line at Circuit Creative, and let’s chat about how we can help.

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