Showcasing Kiln Road: Our Marketing Triumph with Savannah Heights


Savannah Heights

Project Overview:

Website 60%
Brochure 96%
Hoarding 94%

We’ve been busy at Circuit Creative, this time with Savannah Properties on their latest development at Kiln Road, Benfleet. Our task was multifaceted: designing a brochure, creating a microsite, and producing a striking 100-meter hoarding, all while keeping Savannah’s sharp branding in focus.

Crafting the Perfect Brochure

First off, the brochure. Our aim here was to present Kiln Road in the best possible light. We poured over every detail, ensuring the brochure not only highlighted the development’s features but also conveyed a sense of the lifestyle it offers. It’s not just about selling properties; it’s about selling a dream.

Microsite Magic

Then came the microsite. This wasn’t just any website; it was a lead-generation powerhouse for Gilbert and Rose Estate Agents. We designed it to be user-friendly and visually appealing, ensuring it not only captured the essence of Kiln Road but also funnelled direct leads to the agents. Each property was showcased with its unique specs and features, making it easy for potential buyers to find their perfect match.

A CMS That Delivers

A key part of the microsite was the Content Management System (CMS). We built this to be intuitive and informative, allowing each property to shine with its individual specs and features. It’s all about giving buyers the information they need at their fingertips.

Hoarding That Turns Heads

Now, the hoarding. This was no small feat – a 100-meter stretch along the main road. Our design had to grab attention and fit seamlessly with Savannah’s sharp branding. The result? An eye-catching, brand-aligned display that not only turned heads but also made Kiln Road a talking point in Benfleet.

Why Circuit Creative?

  1. Versatile Design: From brochures to hoardings, we tailor our designs to suit each project’s needs.
  2. Lead Generation Focus: Our microsites aren’t just pretty; they’re practical tools for generating sales.
  3. Brand Consistency: We understand the importance of branding and ensure it’s at the heart of everything we create.

In Summary, our work with Savannah Properties on the Kiln Road development shows our versatility and ability to deliver on multiple fronts. Whether it’s a brochure that tells a story, a microsite that drives sales, or a hoarding that captures attention, we’re all about creating marketing materials that work.

Got a new development needing a marketing boost? Get in touch with Circuit Creative. Let’s make your project stand out.

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