Boxing Event Video 2022 – Honeys Boxing


Honeys Boxing

Project Overview:

Videography 90%
Photography 96%
Design 94%

Honeys Boxing is a gym based in Rayleigh, Essex specializing in boxing coaching, boxercise classes and personal training.

We were thrilled when Hannah and Joe Honey instructed us to document their first every boxing event, “pandemonium”.

We set out to create something inspirational. A video that represents what honeys boxing stands for. Capturing key moments throughout the night to tell a story and live the moment alongside the boxers. The co-ordination between the team was key to achieving this great video:

The video was undeniably the figure piece to our content campaign, but releasing a shorter reel to boost the engagement and build publicity before the scheduled release for the main event was key. It worked perfectly and here is what we created:

And finally, no event can’t go without quality photos, so we had to deliver:

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