Project Photo & Video Shoot with The Peterboat and D. Wilson Builders


Peterboat and D. Wilson Builders

Project Overview:

Photography 90%
Videography 96%
Animation 94%

Back in January, our team at Circuit Creative Agency had the unique opportunity to capture the essence of The Peterboat, an iconic restaurant in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, before its impending renovation. Working alongside our client D. Wilson Builders, we documented the pre-renovation character of the building, setting the stage for a before and after contrast that would soon highlight an extraordinary transformation.

Fast-forward to May, we returned to The Peterboat, now radiantly refurbished by the skilled hands of D. Wilson Builders. What we found was a beautifully reimagined space that carefully balanced contemporary design with a respect for its original charm. We were there to capture every element of this transformation through our lenses, resulting in a stunning visual narrative of change and renewal.

Our photographs and videos documented the thoughtful lighting that brought warmth and allure to the restaurant, the strategically placed seating areas that offered both privacy and a sense of community, and the subtle touches of greenery that added an outdoor freshness to the interior atmosphere.

At Circuit Creative, we don’t just take pictures or shoot videos – we tell stories. The transformation of The Peterboat was a journey of change that we are proud to have been part of, along with D. Wilson Builders, whose craftsmanship and commitment to quality are evident in every corner of the renovated restaurant.

We invite everyone to experience the new Peterboat for themselves. Each captured image and video tells a part of its transformative story – a story of creativity, dedication, and an extraordinary collaboration between Circuit Creative Agency and D. Wilson Builders. Come and see the new chapter in the life of The Peterboat.

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